PTSD and Sustainability

I recently finished “What my bones know” by Stephanie Foo. This book is a memoir of healing from complex trauma, from C-PTSD. It was an emotional roller coaster. Honestly, I do appreciate that it came with a warning that it would be emotional but to stick with it as it has a happy ending. Probably […]

The importance of trees

Trees play a huge role in our lives. We learn about trees in Kindergarten, but somehow forget. The importance of trees can be found in our lives each day. We know trees absorb carbon dioxide and replenish the atmosphere with oxygen. Forest Ecologist (Suzanne Simard) has found that trees do better when they are connected […]

The meaning behind the logo

I’ve been often asked about the meaning behind the logo. The colours in the logo have meaning. Blue represents Alberta, water, and the Rocky Mountains. Green is of course, Saskatchewan and new growth of crops and plant life. Yellow is the wheat of Manitoba, healthy soil, as well as the tan of animals. These our […]

The smell of soil

Healthy soil has a lovely smell. This article by CBC News mentions the sweet smell of soil growing alfalfa. Growing up on an alfalfa farm, this is true. The soil had a sweet healthy smell to it. A heathy soil smell is because a small organism lives in healthy productive soil. A healthy soil has […]

Land Acknowledgements & Anti-racism

Land Acknowledgements The Native Governance Center has some great resources on how to write a meaningful land acknowledgement. It is important for the writer to self-reflect on their own attributes and why they are doing a land acknowledgment. Make sure you have a complete list of Indigenous people and how to pronounce the names. Indigenous […]

Augmentative Communication

Communication In our last post we talked about alternative communication. How trees communicate with the mycelia network and augmentative communication. We know there are more than just verbal communication. There are more than 1 way of doing things and looking at the world. We can learn a lot from folks who use augmentative communication, like […]

Mushrooms are amazing!

Hey “fun guys” we hope you also think mushrooms are amazing. We recommend the documentary – Fantastic Fungi. It has amazing visuals about how incredible the mycelial network is. This network is the long threads connecting mushrooms underground. They act as “roots” for mushrooms. This is a perfect example of a circular economy or a […]


During the current COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, there are many instances of science and health misinformation and disinformation. There are many impacts to the increase in misinformation, such as education, poverty, racism, and mental health services. With adequate policy and practical support there is a chance of improving misinformation. A large part of the misinformation […]