In our first session, we will discover your needs. Then we can make a plan of action.

Depending on your needs, we can meet virtually or in person.

We will consult and provide input to:

  • Individuals or groups wanting to reduce plastic use and live more sustainably,
  • Farmers who want to incorporate regenerative agriculture and improve their soil health,
  • Businesses who want to move beyond their ESG and ISO goals.

We have a couple spots a month open for “pro-bono” work and lower price slots for individuals.

Packages are available for individuals, farmers (growers), and businesses.

Do you need to:

  • remove greenwashing
  • reduce you environmental footprint and resources
  • increase your environmental, social, and economic sustainability
  • improve your products and outcomes
  • become more resilient
  • look at cradle-to-cradle pathways
  • help with life-cycle assessments, ESG, and ISO
  • personal and work plastic use reduction

We will:

  • provide maximum value and deliver high quality work
  • polished, professional, and impact-driven
  • listen to your needs
  • work quickly and efficiently
  • collaborate
  • communicate clearly and be readily available
  • explain our recommendations and how they will benefit you
  • pay attention to small details and the big picture
  • celebrate all wins and will make it right if we make a mistake
  • continually learn and apply that to our work

In other words: Our vision is a healthy planet living sustainably within the established ecosystem boundaries with a self-sustaining circular economy. Innovation, versatility, and flexibility are our core philosophies. We provide input on policies, social initiatives, and environmental factors to give a whole picture to our recommendations. Ultimately, these processes will assist your business or organization to become more sustainable. Our goal is to live sustainably and wisely use the available resources.


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