The smell of soil

Healthy soil has a lovely smell. This article by CBC News mentions the sweet smell of soil growing alfalfa. Growing up on an alfalfa farm, this is true. The soil had a sweet healthy smell to it. A heathy soil smell is because a small organism lives in healthy productive soil. A healthy soil has a large population of microorganisms and fungi, good soil drainage and essential nutrients.

Working with soil in farms or in a garden works up an appetite. Also, getting your hands and feet into the soil is healthy for your mind. It gets us back to nature and connects us with the land.

Farmers know their land and love it. They see the changes climate change is having. Farmers can help be part of the solution. PCE can help farmers improve their soil health and in turn improve productivity. Carrying for the soil is an effective way farmers can improve their crop productivity.

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CBC News. (2021, May 1). How regenerative farming could help Canada meet its new carbon emission targets.