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We help everyone become leaders in sustainability.

In nature, there are many circles.

From large scale (star and planets) to smaller scale (bee hives and tree rings).

We listen and learn from nature.

To see many circles to live sustainably for us and future generations.

“A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.” Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We will help you become more environmentally friendly

Do you want to become more environmentally friendly? Reduce your plastic use? We can support you with how.

Furthermore, we can help folks become more environmentally friendly in their own lives.

We can help regenerate your soil and improve your crops.

Do you want to make your soil healthier on your farm? Healthier soils for a longer lasting farm.

We help businesses become leaders in sustainability.

Now that your business has meet it’s ESG and ISO goals.

We can help your business or organization go further with circular economy and become more resilient.


“Meghan will help your business make a bigger impact environmentally and at the same time help your bottom line be more profitable. She listens to her clients, understands where they coming from, and then creates a plan that’s easy to implement. She has a talent for creating a more profitable and sustainable future for your business.“
Asha Labreche – Cherry Picker Movement Club

As an Ecologist and Farm Owner, a circular economy and regenerative agriculture can have an impressive impact on businesses and farm health. Improving bottom lines and becoming a leader in sustainability.

Personally, reducing plastic use and waste has been a fun family challenge showing that everyone can make a difference and be leaders.


Mîkwec – Merci – Thank you

Everyone is welcome at our table.

We acknowledge that we are on Treaty 1 territory, the traditional gathering place of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene people, and the traditional homeland of the Métis people.

Also, we would like to acknowledge that in Winnipeg Manitoba our water is sourced from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation.

Additionally, we would also like to acknowledge our colonial and settler family history.

As well, I would like to acknowledge my inclusive and accepting family history.

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