Mushrooms are amazing!

Hey “fun guys” we hope you also think mushrooms are amazing. We recommend the documentary – Fantastic Fungi. It has amazing visuals about how incredible the mycelial network is. This network is the long threads connecting mushrooms underground. They act as “roots” for mushrooms. This is a perfect example of a circular economy or a shared economy. The ecosystem benefits from shared nutrients across the network and other plants. The connections allow trees to communicate with each other. Communicate? Really? Do the trees talk like us? Well no, it is through electrical signals. The message still gets through. There are more than 1 way to communicate. Some people use sign language (American Sign Language) or some people use an augmented communication device (such as an app on an iPad). Amazing that we can find ways to communicate. We can learn a lot from nature and being there for others.

For more information about the incredible mycelial network check out this article – “10 things to know about the mycelial network” from That website has a lot of fabulous information about fungi and mushrooms.

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