These are some interesting resources. As a community, we aim to share knowledge and ideas.


Finding the mother tree: Rediscovering the wisdom of the forest. (2021). Suzanne Simard

No one is too small to make a difference. (2019). Greta Thunberg

The circular economy: A user’s guide. (2019). Walter R. Stahel

degrowth. (2018). Giorgos Kallis

Doughnut economics: Seven ways to think like a 21st Century Economist. (2017). Kate Raworth

Prosperity without growth: Foundations for the economy of tomorrow. (2017). Tim Jackson

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the teachings of plants. (2013). Robin Wall Kimmerer

Getting to maybe. (2007). Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman, & Michael Quinn Patton

Gathering moss: A natural and cultural history of mosses. (2003). Robin Wall Kimmerer


A safe operating space for humanity. (2009, September 23). Johan Rockström, Will Steffen, et al. Nature, 461, 472-475.

Circular economy strategies on business modelling: Identifying the greatest influences. (2021, May). Rodrigo Salvador, Murillo V. Barros, et al. Journal of Cleaner Production, 299, 126918.


New plant-based plastic can be printed – and fully recycled. (2021, February 25). Prachi Patel. (Anthropocene Magazine).

Canada is drowning in plastic waste – and recycling won’t save us. (2021, March 9). Marc Fawcett-Atkinson. (National Observer)

Plastic particles pass from mothers into foetuses, rat study shows. (2021, March 18). Damian Carrington. (The Guardian)

7 ways the circular economy will grow in 2021. (2021, January 15). Adele Peters. (Fast Company)

How to create a net-zero, nature-positive recovery. (2021, January 13). Marie Quinney & Gabriela Martinez. (World Economic Forum)

Climate crisis: 2020 was joint hottest year ever recorded. (2021, January 8). Damian Carrington. (The Guardian)

Jane Goodall: “Change is happening. There are many ways to start moving in the right way.” (2021, January 3). Jonathan Watts. (The Guardian)

To fulfil the Paris Agreement we need a circular economy. (2020, December 11). Ellen MacArthur Foundation. (Medium)

Humans waging “suicidal war’ on nature – UN Chief Antonio Guterres. (2020, December 2). Justin Rowlatt. (BBC News)

Greta Thunberg hears your excuses. She is not impressed. (2020, October 30). David Marchese. (NY Times)

Our food system is no longer fit for the 21st century. Here are three ways to fix it. (2019, January 24). Ellen MacArthur. (World Economic Forum)

Environmental Pollution Reduction. (August 18, 2021)


Why designers are key to achieving a circular economy (Summit 2019). (2020, January 13). Ellen MacArthur Foundation. (YouTube)


Friend in ASL (American Sign Language)

These are organizations that we have found inspiring. Community is important to us and we support others we find inspiring. We want to surround ourselves with knowledgeable and inspiring folks.

Ag Shield Manufacturing – Innovations to help farmers maximize efficiencies

Ag Zone – Global network of agricultural professionals

Arvorei Communications Group – Translations for social impact groups

Cherry Picker Movement Club – Asha Labreche

Circular Economy Club – Winnipeg

Conflict resolution coach (Marie Lacrampe) – Healing relationships with nonviolent communication

Consortium for Waste Circularity – A world without waste – Pollution reduction

Full of Kindness (Laure Sabini) – Teaching mindfulness to children and their adults

Green Economy Canada

Grow Wild YYC (Sara Jordan-McLachlan, MSc, BSc, EPt) – Helping everyone increase biodiversity in their own gardens

Mango Media – Web and SEO expertise (Maggie McTavish)

Neesha B Coaching & Consulting – Life coaching. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting

The Radical Connector – Digital Marketing (Lindsay Johnson)

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Alliance Ireland


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