Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture (RA) works to increase biodiversity, improve the water cycle, enhance ecosystem service, supports biosequestation, increases resilience to climate change, and regenerates topsoil. RA works to minimize soil disturbance.

This is several sustainable farming techniques working together.

  • livestock grazing
  • animal integration
  • holistically managed grazing
  • crop rotations
  • no-till farming
  • minimal tillage
  • pasture cropping
  • compost
  • borders planted for pollinators and other beneficial insects

We look at the whole farm to make holistic recommendations for that specific situation.

We look at the farm on a long-term scale as well as short-term scale.

Our owner is a 5th generation Manitoba grain and hay farm owner. She was raised and worked on the farm and sees the effect of climate change first hand. As a scientist and farmer, she knows the importance of longevity on a farm and the importance of the soil.


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