Augmentative Communication


In our last post we talked about alternative communication. How trees communicate with the mycelia network and augmentative communication. We know there are more than just verbal communication. There are more than 1 way of doing things and looking at the world. We can learn a lot from folks who use augmentative communication, like an app on a tablet device. Folks with special needs can sometimes see the world differently. We can learn a lot from how they see the world. Not just seeing these folks as part of our communities but also having an important role in our communities. Everyone has the right to be in a public space and take space there. These folks should be able to have meaningful employment that inspires and fulfills them. Everyone should have a home that is safe, welcoming, and accepting.

Seeing the world at different scales can help see the world through others eyes. Different scales involve different time frames, different sizes, different light levels. Consider the world of an ant. Their world is different than ours. The world of a tree is different. They grow much slower than we do and don’t move. The communication with the mycelial network is underground. There is a whole other world there.


No one is superior to another person or group of people. It seems silly to have to explain that, but there it is. We need to look at folks with exceptional needs as having just as much importance/value/insight/worth as any one else. Ableism is the idea that they are less and that needs to end. Like any prejudice, ableism can be subtle and with a touch of superior helping. Here at Prairie Circular Economy, we can help you and your organization look for ways to become more inclusive and accepting. We can help find job and volunteer opportunities for these individuals. Sometimes and most often, these folks don’t need your help, they need a friend and acceptance. They will always have that here at Prairie Circular Economy. Always.

Here at Prairie Circular Economy, we can help you become a leader in your community. Contact us for a free discovery call and we can work together.