Plastic Age

May 17, 2021

This comic from “The Story of Stuff Project” really makes us think. Archeologists discover many new things from their digs of stone age, iron age, and other times. What are future Archeologists going to discover about our age. The plastic age. Our love of plastic. While we can say that plastics have been a big help to the medical field and keeping food fresh. Do we really need to simply dispose of the plastic? Scientists know it takes a long time to disintegrate and scientists are now finding that micro- and nanoplastics are having an impact on the environment, fungi, plants, animals, and ourselves.

There was a recent study that showed microplastics are in pregnant women’s wombs and placentas. That itself feels disturbing, intrusive, and alarming. Yes, future study is needed to fully understand the effects. Our society can do better! We should do better! We know we should do better. What is stopping us? Ease and convenience. A little planning can help. Businesses and organizations can do a lot to reduce their plastic usage. We can help you figure out what you can do.

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